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Welcome to Digital Blue

this is NOT for you if:

The future of water does not matter to you much and you don't think you have a role to play in it

You think changing the future of water is far too much work and think it will never really happen 

You are okay with the status quo and  'vanilla living'

You are uncomfortable with bold thinking and ideas of revisioning and revolution

You let people hijack and stop your forward motion and don't understand the power of unreasonable people

You believe settling is okay and mediocrity is the most safe choice

You are okay with relentless BS

You are close-minded

this IS for you if:

You recognize 'vanilla' is just not cutting it and want to blow-up the status quo


You know the future of water is paramount and know you have a roll to play in it — perhaps a double-chunk cherry-chocolate role

You expect nothing less than bold thinking, are open-minded, won't settle, challenge the BS, jargon and market-place noise.


You want to do something different, to take action and be impactful in change-making and want to kick ass bringing digital solutions to the wicked water problem

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